Audrey Wong
(from Hsin Ten Newsletter July 1994)

My mother Pi-Kuam Lee first introduced the Chi Machine to me. At first I was skeptical about this funny looking little machine. But after using the Chi Machine for just 5 minutes, I was convinced that the Chi Machine was a great asset. After a good workout I would use the Chi Machine to relieve aches and pains, and to correct my spinal posture. Working in a chiropractor's office has taught me the importance of good spinal cord care. That is why I always end my workout by using the Chi Machine.

Using the Chi Machine is also a very relaxing experience. I often look forward to using the Chi Machine after a long busy day. The Chi Machine experience Is truly unique. I believe everyone should experience it, whether they are young or old. My goal for the future is to introduce the Chi Machine experience to as many people as I can. This goal should not be hard to accomplish for I believe the product sells itself


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