Li Min Wan
(from Hsin Ten Newsletter Sept/Oct 1995)

One month ago, I was so faint that I could not even open my eyes, especially when I looked at the ceiling. Even when I closed my eyes, I could not get into sleep all night. The worst was that my hair was coming off strand by strand. The American doctor diagnosed my symptom as a balancing problem of my left ear. But, the Chinese doctor diagnosed my symptom as "Meniere's Syndrome." Anyhow, I tried to take the Chinese medicine at the same time of using the Chi Machine machine, which was borrowed from my friend. The symptoms of ear's buzzing and fainting improved after two weeks of using the Chi Machine.

Afterwards, I owned my Chi Machine and used it twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes each session. And I took my Chinese medicine 5 minutes right after each exercise session. My serious fainting totally disappeared within 3 weeks. I went to see the doctor again to make sure the fainting problem was thoroughly cured. Interestingly, the Chinese doctor was so surprised by my rapid improvement. And he would not believe that his prescription could produce the above incredible result. The Chi Machine really brought me health and energy. Most importantly, it completely healed my symptom within 3 weeks. I don't feel faint anymore when I dance, play Ping-Pong table tennis and badminton. I am really thankful for the inventor and the distributors of the Chi Machine.


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