Elfrieda Y. Queen
(from Hsin Ten Newsletter Jul/Aug 1995)

In the past, I had suffered from constipation, but after my first five- minute session on the Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser I had no more problem. That was over six weeks ago. I was so impressed with the energy I felt from toe to head that after lying still for about three minutes, I slowly rolled towards my wallet to purchase my very own Exerciser. Thanks to Samuel Singletary, I signed on as a distributor.

I was instructed by my chiropractor to decrease the amount of time I exercise on my treadmill. I did not want to cut back because my weight had reached a high point and I was afraid of gaining more weight. After using "the machine" twice a day for only three weeks, and cutting back on using my treadmill, my weight dropped by four and one-half pounds. And the vertebra adjustments, given by my chiropractor, held longer. I can now see where my body is reshaping itself and I can wear clothes I have not worn in two years!

Oxygen is especially important for me since I had a prolapsed mitral valve. This condition prevented sufficient oxygen-rich blood from circulating throughout my entire body. As a result, I felt tired and lethargic. Now, I have more energy, I feel more alive, alert and in touch with my surroundings. I help others by spreading the word about my progress with the use of the Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser.

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