Stephen Mui
(from Hsin Ten Newsletter Sept/Oct 1995)

Diseases had tortured me for twenty years, and I was a man almost forgotten and deserted by the community. Since twenty years ago, I gradually felt fatigued and weary, but I did not know what the cause was. There were tension and pain, and later the disease progressed into general muscular cramp. It happened frequently, sometimes over ten times daily. More and more symptoms occurred, such as headache, insomnia, loss of appetite and weight, getting thinner and emaciated. There would be severe pain after walking ten or more minutes. I could not sit or stand for half an hour.

I lost my working ability, and my family members separated from me. I lived on social welfare, and had a very hard time. Year in and year out I made inquiries about medicine and drugs. I had visited doctors of western medicine as well as Chinese traditional medicine. The money spent on acupuncture, moxibustion and massage was over several thousand dollars. At first, I could pay through the help from my brothers and sisters, but later I had no more support from them and could not afford to pay the doctor. Every one has his/her family and burden. How could one have excess money to financially aid for a long time for someone else? When the symptoms broke out, I could do nothing but endure with dogged will and hold out with all my might.

I had a family, a very happy and joyful one. As the disease failed to respond to any medical treatment, there was no hope for recovery. Unemployment and poverty made every one go away. I lived in the empty home lonely. I was powerless and helpless, without any saving.

By chance, three weeks ago I met a friend named Amy. She recognized my desperate situation, and recommended me to visit a doctor. She has high regards for the doctor.

In mid-August, I made a big physical effort to get to China Town. In front of Room 208, No. 238b Canal Street, I saw a plain and ordinary clinic. Was it such that a sleeping dragon or a hidden tiger was waiting to be discovered? Dr. Li Yong Ping was the one I sought. Yong (yongyuan in Chinese means forever or always,) Ping (Pingan in Chinese means peace,) meant 11 always peaceful." The name indicated good wish and blessing. I hoped so. With a prayer, I entered the clinic.

Dr. Li listened carefully about my chief complaints, occasionally raised some questions. After a general examination, he said, "at present, massage is not applicable to your disease." I was puzzled and did not understand what he meant. Was my disease too serious to be cured, or was he afraid that I could not afford the huge expense for treatment? It seemed that he sensed what I thought. He explained, "it is not that I'm not willing to treat you by massage. For in your case, massage will take 1-2 months to have effect, and you'll need to spend a lot of money. Currently, the best choice IS to use the Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser."

I had sought doctors and asked for medicine for twenty years, and none had the desired result, was it possible that the Chi Machine could do the job?

Dr. Li said, "the use Of the Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser produces rhythmical vibration. You are lying down to do the exercise, so there is no pressure at all. It brings about the beneficial effect of general massage. It relaxes the nerves and muscles. The tension and cramp will disappear. Pain and ache will be reduced. Such vibrating exercise will accelerate the general blood circulation, increase metabolism, improve your general functional well being and regulate the function of your nervous system. If you persist for a certain period of time, your health will be recovered." The detailed explanation and sincere talk of Dr. Li made me believe lie was different from the ordinary. He is trustworthy. But how could I get five hundred dollars to buy a Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser? I told Dr. Li my financial difficulty.

"You may come here to use the Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser daily, twice or three times daily, free of charge." I did not believe what I heard. When Dr. Li repeated again, 'free of charge for one month's use," now, I was certain that was true!

Every day I went to Dr. Li's clinic, and used the Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser twice daily. It is now the Twelfth Day. The pain and ache of my whole body basically have disappeared, and no more cramp in my muscles. I can walk for half an hour without any pain, and have a good sleep. Every morning when I wake up, I feel good. What a blessing and how wonderful it is!

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Li. The Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser has saved me!


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