Helen N. Li
(from Hsin Ten Newsletter September 1994)

At the end of last year, a friend brought to my attention the healthy benefits of using the Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser. After using the machine only once, I was amazed at how relaxing and easy it was to use, confident that others would feel the same. I encouraged my friends and family to try it.

My father has had high blood pressure and suffered from arthritis for 20 years. After using the machine for 2 months, he said that it had returned his blood pressure to normal, and lessened his pain considerably.

My father is not the only one feeling better. Everyone I have recommended it to has also gained better health after using the machine.

I personally think that I made a wise choice of owning one (Chi Machine) because it provides me an efficient equipment to help achieving optimal health, as well as for daily physical upkeep in today's fast-paced world.


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