Hui-Zhong Fang
(from Hsin Ten Newsletter May/June 1995)

I first heard from my friend Miss. Wu about the "Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser" and was very amazed the tremendous change brought to her by this exerciser. She had suffered pollen allergy (pollenosis) for fifteen years; every year she had a painful experience. After using the machine for less than 10 days, all the headache, running nose, shedding tears and otitis dissolved. I witnessed that her health was stronger day by day.

I bought one thinking I would at least try it. As I did not follow the direction (I didn't lie down for 2-3 minutes after machine stopped and didn't know to drink water,) it of course was not as effective as I thought, and I gave up. Later, Helen Li gave me a detailed explanation, then I had confidence again and used the machine seriously following her directions.

As expected, after one month, my chronic cramp in the feet dissolved, and a patch of folliculitis disappeared too. The headache I suffered for years was also not so serious. The body weight of my wife was reduced. We, a family of three (including our son) felt much stronger and more energetic than before.

We cannot pass a day without the "Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser." To us, it is not only an exercise, but also an enjoyment. The tiredness after one day's labor can unconsciously disappear during the rhythmic shaking. It is really very comfortable. It already has been an inseparable member of our family. We are glad to recommend it to our relatives and friends, and hope that more people can share the benefit.

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