Dalphne Chien
(from Hsin Ten Newsletter March/April 1995)

I have always been a supporter of the "Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser" as well as a distributor for the Hsin Ten Enterprise USA, Inc. I used to feel pain around my spinal cord. Sometimes I could not even stand up straight. My mother used to wake up during her steep because her circulatory system was not functioning well. Her hands and feet were freezing cold. All these situations have improved after we used the "Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser."

I started to work on introducing the exerciser to people who were in need. Once, my friend told me that she had bought the same kind of exerciser from Taiwan. She said that the price was much cheaper and the functions were the same.

She called me two weeks later asking whether the use of the exerciser would cause stiffness of the body. She asked about the speed that was suitable for people who just started using the exerciser. I was puzzled because I have never felt stiffness of the body when I used the exerciser. I found out later that it was a fake product. That made me furious. I could not believe that there were people who would cheat on their customers only for their own profit; they did not care about the health of their customers. My friend has given up on the fake exerciser. Unfortunately, her backaches have not relieved. When she went back to find the seller, the company had disappeared and she could not find it again.

I hope this case will caution our friends to be aware of the fact that although fake products are cheaper, the damages caused by the product would not be worth the money that you have saved. Health is more valuable than money. Health is our wealth.


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