Muyun Chen
(from Hsin Ten Newsletter May/June 1995)

My daughter gave me a "Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser" as a birthday gift last year, when I just had a surgery of my toe bone. After using the "Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser" for several days, I felt the blood circulating inside my whole body, and the painful feeling of the wound after operation totally disappeared. A few days later the redness and swelling of the extravasated blood dissolved. Very soon I could walk without the walking stick; the convalescent period was so short that even doctors rarely heard about.

At present, I insist on using the exerciser 2-3 times daily. My body weight has dropped down by more than 20 pounds, and the effect is especially evident in the fat of abdomen and buttock. I could not have imagined so many benefits brought about by the "Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser."

I tell the good news to all my relatives and friends. The health of dozens of seniors is now improving to varying degrees; some of them have their chronic and stubborn diseases completely cured. An old man over seventy had a brain concussion and coma after a car accident. After using the "Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser" he was completely recovered within one month, an incredible fact!

The "Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser" brings me health and vitality as well as appreciation and gratitude. I whole-heartedly feel that Hsin Ten Enterprise brings benefit to mankind. I'd like to share this good news with many more people.


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