Chen-Fen Chen
(from Hsin Ten Newsletter March/April 1995)

I cannot believe that I have gained so much benefits after I purchased a Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser. I learned about the exerciser through my friends. The exerciser is intended to give me a more comfortable way of soothing my pains caused by fatigues. But, the exerciser amazed me with its multiple usage.

(1) I had side effects after the surgery of my digestive system. I could not consume any food that contains fiber. My doctor could not improve the situation. The only way was to use acupuncture, but I still had to be careful about my diet. Fortunately, after using The Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser for two weeks, the side effects are gone and I can now eat everything I want.

(2) For the past few years, every winter became a disaster for me. My body does not feel warm. Doctors say that it is a natural process due to aging. After using The Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser, I can always feel the warmth inside my body.

(3) I have anemia. I feel dizzy whenever I bend down and then stand up suddenly. After using The Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser, the symptom disappeared also.

I have been using The Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser for more than 5 months. All the symptoms that I had have gone away. However, I still continue to use the exerciser. It has become a part of my life. Without it, I feel something is missing. Dear friends, health is our wealth. Is there anything more important than health?


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