Kaiman & Cathy Lee

We are often occupied with urgent matters, and have neglected to take care of our health. Over the years we have seen our health deteriorate. We have tried a rowing machine, lifting weights, joining a health club, and jogging on a quarter-mile path around our house. We started each exercise enthusiastically with high hopes, but lost the commitment because of the effort and time required.

One day, a relative introduced us to the Chi Machine, a passive exercise machine. After a brief introduction, we made the risk-free investment for our health. We have developed a habit of using it several times a day because it is so comfortable and easy to use. It requires "no" effort, and takes a total of 15-30 minutes a day. Since using the Chi Machine, our lives have improved dramatically.

The most dramatic result is the tolerance I have developed to food that I had been allergic to for the past 20 years: wheat, corn, potato, tomato, oat, barley, rye, milk, caffeine, and MSG. I would take Seldane an anti-histamine, to temporarily overcome the itchy effects of the allergy. Since using the Chi Machine, the itch has reduced so significantly that I have not taken a single pill because of food allergy. I have more energy and stamina than ever before. My lower back pain and neck & shoulder stiffness have been significantly reduced.

Cathy's waistline and thighs have trimmed, her skin complexion has cleared up, her digestion has improved, and she sleeps more soundly. Her tennis elbow and herniated disc pains have decreased substantially.

Cathy and I thank God for the gift of health. We consider the Chi Machine the best discovery of our lives.

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