John Gore - Baltimore, MD

In late 1996, I was a 57 year old obese male with non-insulin dependent diabetes, high blood pressure and noticed that I was slowly losing feeling in my right foot.

In early 1997, my podiatrist diagnosed my condition as a neuropathy. The office test consisted of having the podiatrist touch seven points on the bottom of my right foot. I could only detect three of these contacts. I knew that I would have to start doing something as I figured that at age 57 I was too young to have such a condition. Moreover, I was one who despised exercise of any type. I justified some of this dislike to the spurs which I was developing on both of my feet.

In retrospect, it seems providential that by coincidence I went with my wife to visit a friend who happened to be a distributor of the Chi Machine. I didn't say anything about the neuropathy but as a good salesman he introduced me to the Chi Machine and provided me with the literatue and the audio tape.

After listening to the tape several times and reading the literature I decided to try the machine.

I used the machine every morning before going to work and every evening before going to sleep. I find both of these fifteen-minute periods as a highlight of relaxation in each of my days. The machine travels with me on vacations and there have been very few days on which I have not used the machine.

In November of 1997, I asked the podiatrist to recheck my neuropathy. Upon feeling all seven contacts the podiatrist sent me in for a nerve conduction study. The results of that study provided a diagnosis of a "barely perceptible neuropathy" attributed to my diabetic condition.

I considered this a tremendous improvement which I can only attribute to the use of the Chi Machine. I continue to use it and plan to use it daily for the rest of my life with the hope that I can for the first time in my life lose even more than the eleven pounds of weight which I have lost and hopefully eventually overcome my diabetes.

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