Haydn Daly

I was introduced to the Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser five months ago and have since used it 15 minutes twice a day, a total of more than 250 massages. I am 58 years old and have played competitive squash for more than 40 years, so my body has been vigorously exercised more than most. Tiredness and muscular stiffness has been accepted by me as something you live with.

Since using the Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser I am amazed at how these feelings have disappeared. The day after a match I feel loose and there seems to be no stiffness. In addition my levels of energy, both physical and mental, are higher than they have been for some years, my body organs are functioning like a well tuned car, it's a fantastic feeling.

Many of my friends are now using the Chi Machine and expreiencing the benefits. Their improved levels of health are being manifested in different ways as there bodies respond to the stimulation received from this amazing machine. They are telling me of less pain, better sleep, more supple back and neck, more energy, more regularity, being more relaxed and much, much more. I plan to use this little wonder for the rest of my life. Thank you Chi Machine. Guess what I will be doinig for the next 15 minutes!

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