Larry Wolff - (April 23, 1998)

Thank you for introducing the Chi Machine to myself, my wife and especially my son Jeffrey. Four years ago Jeffrey was in a severe car accident which was caused by him having a cerebral hemorrhage. The highway patrol told us he was traveling at 50 mph when the hemorrhage started; his foot hit the gas pedal, racing him up to 80 mph. He hit an irrigation drainage culvert, flipping the car 12 times, traveling over 100 feet. When the car stopped, somehow Jeffrey undid his seatbelt, dragged himself from the car and collapsed. It left the left side of his brain completely damaged and the right side of his body paralyzed. He was in a coma for 6 weeks. For 2 1/2 years he was in a wheelchair and fully supported by us to retrain him. It's been very timely and tedious working with him 24 hours a day. At this point the doctors said his balance would never be the same and he would never be able to walk backwards again.

We have him at Easter Seal Rehab now and he has been there for 1 1/2 years, and we are seeing small improvement all the time. He is still going to UC Davis Medical Group every 6 months for a check up until they will release him. After talking with you about the Chi Machine and coming over and using it, the next day we brought Jeffrey over. We put him on the machine for 2 minutes, making sure he was comfortable, then put him on for another 5 minutes. When the machine shut off, Jeffrey had a large smile on his face and said "Wow". I asked him how he felt and he wanted to do more. He was feeling tingling all over his body in places where he said he had no feeling. When he was pointing to the back of his head, he said a lump he had was gone, and to this day has remained gone. When he got up he was happy, he said he felt great and he had a Big Smile! I asked my son if he wanted this machine, the answer was "yes". We purchased it January 29, 1998. Every time he uses it he has this Big Smile! We don't have to remind him to use the Chi Machine. He looks forward to it every day.

This machine has helped to make him more independent and that really helps us. After using the Chi Machine for only three weeks he is not only walking forward better, but is able to walk backwards in a figure eight or circle with no problem. His doctors said this would be impossible because of his balance, but it also made it possible for him to move his leg and arm better. It created a better balance throughout his whole body and he uses the machine twice a day for 10 minutes.

Jeffrey's doctors from UC Davis Medical Group are investigating the possibility of using the machine for treatments of their patients. It has also greatly improved his attitude, his speech and mental disability. I highly recommend this machine to anyone that has had any kind of head trauma or paralyzation, to get the circulation through the paralyzed section, because this is what it has done for my son.

Jeffrey also had a deep purple discoloration from his toes almost all the way to his knee, on his right leg, from lack of circulation, which has completely disappeared. My wife has lost a lot of weight, it has completely toned her stomach, given her lots of energy, varicose veins are disappearing, and so are aches and pains. My asthma has been helped tremendously; I have not had to use my inhaler at all. PS: I would recommend the "Chi Machine" to anyone.

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