01 Allergies & Breathing
02 Blood Pressure
03 Cancer
04 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
05 Diabetes
06 Energy & Oxygen
07 Fibromyalgia
08 Muscular Dystrophy
09 Neuropathy
10 Shingles
11 Spine & Back Pain
12 Stress & Relaxation
13 Stroke
14 Systemic Lupus
15 Business Testimonials
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Allergies & Breathing
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Jerry Winford, Jr
Calgary,AB Canada

The Chi Machine and HotHouse combination works like magic for relief of Asthma!
I have suffered life-long from regular and often acute asthma attacks. In my case, the relief gained by using prescription remedies is temporary and often accompanied by side effects, mainly a wicked headache and dizziness. The temporary nature of relief provided to me by the use of prescription drugs has been most frustrating because of the unattractive choice left for me. Take a dangerous dosage of a powerful drug cocktail far more often than prescribed and suffer the side effects or choke.

I had all but given up on this situation changing when I was introduced to The Chi Machine a few months ago. Shortly after starting this new exercise I could feel my air passages start to relax and I was able to clear a lot of congestion by coughing. By the time I completed that first ten-minute session, I was hooked because my airways were as clear as they had ever been in recent memory. I continued to use The Chi Machine twice daily and was amazed to discover that many days I did not require my inhaler at all. On days that I did require medication, the prescribed amount always did the trick. After two months of using The Chi Machine regularly I have seen a huge improvement with just infrequent and comparatively mild attacks, which respond well to medication. Side effects are still there but much reduced though.

Ah, but what happened the day I had an asthma attack and discovered I'd misplaced my inhaler is the real story! Just by fluke our HotHouse had arrived on that same fateful day. I decided to use The Chi Machine and the HotHouse together as reconunended just to see if it would help a bit 'till I found my inhaler. Within seconds of beginning this dual therapy I could feel my sinuses begin to drain and within a couple of minutes I was able to clear my bronchioles and breath much more freely. By the time that fifteen-minute session was completed I was totally clear of asthma, as in no wheeze, no rattle of phlegm, and no tightness whatsoever. No drug, or combination of drugs I have ever used has cleared up my asthma so completely.
Thank you HTE.

Blood Pressure
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
D. Cottle
Salt Lake City, UT USA

Once a week where I work, I have the nurse check my oxygen and my blood pressure. When I went to get my physical for life insurance in May of 1998, my blood pressure was very high. Now it is down to 82. The oxygen-testing device tells what the body is assimilating and the nurse said anything around 88 is normal. I am 60 years old, and I am definitely not normal! My reading was 94 and she said that is normally the reading for a 30-34 year old person. It was about 80-81 when I started, so it has moved up and my blood pressure has moved down! I feel better and I started jogging about three weeks ago. I am now running about 3 1/2 to 4 miles per day.
Blood Pressure
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
John & Lyne Nguyen
Yonkers, NY USA

The Chi Machine rectifies high blood pressure. We are very pleased to use the Chi Machine. After using the Chi Machine for 1 month, I lost 5 cm around my waist, and after 8 months my cholesterol level went down from 6.8 to 5.6, without using tablets anymore (permanent use of tablets will induce a lethargic lifestyle). My wife used the machine for 3 months and her high blood pressure returned to normal (90/130) despite taking tablets for six years beforehand.

Cancer Testimonials
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Merl Bowers, Picture Butte, AB Canada

In May of 2001 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was told that my PSA blood count as a bit over 1800. This is an extremely high count. My wife called her son and he came out right away and brought the HotHouse with him. He had told us about the success others had achieved with lowering their counts while using the HotHouse, and I was willing to try anything, as I did not want to undergo radiation or chemotherapy.I started using the HotHouse immediately and ordered one for myself that night. After biopsies, bone scans and ultrasounds, I was told at the end of May, that my PSA bloodcount was at 1885, and that the cancer had spread to my bones (back, pelvis, legs, head, etc).On June Ist we went to the Cancer Clinic and got the pills to begin the hormone therapy to hiwbit the growth of cancer.

On June 12th I was taken to the hospital by ambulance after suffering a mild heart attack (unrelated to the cancer). Before leaving the hospital, the doctor injected my first hormone therapy shot. The whole time I had been using the HotHouse everyday as long as possible. Some nights I would stay under it all night, waking up only to turn it back on again. During the day I would use it whenever I had the chance.On July 19th, I went back to the doctor to have my PSA count done again to monitor the cancer. My count had dropped from 1885 to 30!!! This happened in only 12 weeks, one week of which I was in the hospital and unable to use the HotHouse. As 30 is still a very high PSAcount I will continue to use the HotHouse with total confidence that I will be able to bring mycancer to 'O'.Thanks to my stepson Ken and HTE for such a great machine!
Cancer Testimonials
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Bob Bosch, Calgary, AB CanadaThe Chi Machine and HotHouse have helped meto combat cancer. Two years ago I had a biopsy. It was prostate cancer. Three months later I had my prostate removed. One year later my PSA was up. I undertook 34 radiation treatments. Three months later my PSA count was higher. The doctor said I had two years to live.There was nothing they could do for me. My brother came over with The Chi Machine and a HotHouse. He also introduced me to a friend of his who was getting good results from both machines. I purchased both machines July 1, 2000. 1 changed my diet and used the HotHouse one-hour per day. The Chi Machine I used for 10 minutes per day for the first week. The second week I used the HotHouse twice a day for one hour each time and The Chi Machine 10 minutes twice a day.I noticed a big change in my health in about 10 days. On July 17,2000 1 had a hormone shot.On October 3, 2000 my PSA test showed 0, NO CANCER!!The Chi Machine and the HotHouse gave me a second chance for life!!

I feel great and will continue to use both machines every day.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Testimonial
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Rev. Nancy Wyatt

Dear friend, I'm in Love!!!
I have discovered a life-changing - perhaps life saving-exerciser that actually lives up to its claim that 'It does work. You get the benefit." It works by greatly enhancing the distribution of oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, thereby changing your metabolic rate, and rejuvenating every aspect of your body, while you just lie on the floor (resting your ankles on the machine), breathe deeply and think happy thoughts for fifteen minutes! It is great for people who don't have time or want to exercise or who are self-conscious about their bodies and want privacy. I would not have believed it, had I not experienced it myself!

Since at least 1990, I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. At first, I thought it was just exhaustion from working a 40 hour week and another 40 or more hours in the same week doing volunteer work at a shelter for homeless people. (I had done that every week since 1987). But, in 1992, 1 discontinued most of that volunteer work and my community service work. Yet, in 1994, I had become so ill that quite literally consciousness left my body. I lost so much weight; people started the rumor that I had AIDS. I constantly needed sleep for 4-6 hours after having been awake for only five minutes. It has been a very slow recovery. Every day - no matter how scorching hot and sultry humid - no matter how frigid the winter - I have had to go to my car and sleep during my lunch hour in order to make it through the rest of the afternoons work. And, I have done that, since at least 1990, even while fearing that sleeping in the parking lot could cost me my job. . Still, it was necessary. Until l got The Chi Machine...

Almost immediately, I did not HAVE to take a nap during my lunch hour! In fact, if I tried to, I could not go to sleep! I suddenly had sufficient energy to get through the whole day at work and an entire evening of work at home and the energy was alive and evenly distributed throughout @iie day! It feels just like a miracle! Here's another miracle: on the fifth day, I discovered I had lost 1/2 inch in my chest, waist and hips and THREE inches in my abdomen!!! ... You know, where men have a "pot belly", and women look like they will be pregnant until they die. I know, because I matched my measurements against measurements I had taken one month previously. During this time period, I had not been exercising, because of a back problem. The only thing that had changed was my having The Chi Machine to use 15 minutes in the morning and again in the evening. (When I first got a borrowed machine, I used it for 15 minutes at a time. Only when I got my own machine did I get the instructions, which say that BEGINNERS SHOULD USE IT FOR 2 OR 3 MINUTES, at first, and then work up to fifteen. So, probably, I got such fast results from 'jumping right in'. But, I didn't buy this machine for weight loss. I bought it to help me with the excruciating back pain that I had from osteoarthritis (caused not only by 'old age," but by old injuries to my back). An x-ray of my back showed osteoporosis (probably created or worsened by my having smoked cigarettes for many years), arthritis, and bone spurs from the injuries. The arthritis literally was dislocating my ribs! And, now one hip is much lower than the other. I was a hurting buckaroo. It felt like my back was on fire all the time, and I could hardly get to sleep, much less stay asleep at night because of it. After ONE WEEK of using The Chi Machine, I certainly am not completely cured, but I am ALMOST PAIN FREE!!!!!
I had experienced acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, deep connective tissue therapy, Reiki, ,,.,IQahuna healing, chiropractic visits and massages. Everything helped a lot, but then the pain returned. We didn't know why until we saw the x-ray. It was the machine that worked out the crooked ridges in my back and reduced the pain. The person who massages my back can clearly see the difference.

What else?
* The varicose vein in my ankle is receding and is far less visible.
* The bone spur on my foot is receding. Every day I see a difference & often I'm pain free.
* My vision is improving and my range of peripheral vision has greatly increased. I know this because of an exercise I tried, which I can do far better than I could just a few days ago.
* My thoughts are clearer - Finally got some oxygen to the brain!
* My complexion is clearer and I'm losing the appearance of having "jowls".
* My neck is much more flexible (it had suffered considerable damage and now
is quite mobile with much less pain).
* The area where I had oral surgery is healing much faster
* It is helping me with lymph drainage.
*A healer who had worked on me a couple of months before I got The Chi Machine was amazed at how much clearer and healthier my energy field is. It is helping me cleanse and clear the body, mind, spirit and emotions. * 1 CAN SLEEP MUCH BETTER AT NIGHT!
* Internal digestive organs,heart,lungs and immune system feel stronger and clearer.
* I'm sure this is only the beginning. A chiropractor asked me whether I wou continue to use the machine, now that *I have comparatively little pain. I told her "I will use this thing as long as there is electricity!' The literature states that 15 minutes of using The Chi Machine is about equivalent to 90 minutes of brisk walking, in terms of body oxygenation. All I know is IT WORKS!

The last thing I ever wanted to be is part of a multi-level marketing operation. But, I literally believe it can benefit almost every person and can save the lives of some! So, I now am a distributor. The machine is not cheap. But, it is the equivalent of the less expensive exercise equipment seen on television - or the price of the spa I joined and went to about three times - or the price I pay for vitamins and supplements every 2 months! To me, it can cure the incurable and, therefore, is worth much more than I paid for it. And, it's a one-time expense!

Diabetes Testimonials
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Jerry Winford, AB Canada

I first received information on The Chi Machine this summer in Toronto at the People in Motion 99 trade show where I picked up a flyer entitled 'The Amazing Chi Machine. Upon returning to Calgary, I decided to use the Internet to see if there was any additional info there to support the claims from the flyer. Although I found supporting information from the Internet, I was still skeptical so I made a few calls and received enough direct info from users and dealers that I decided to order one. I felt at this point that I really had nothing to lose, as there was a money back guarantee. If I were not satisfied I would just return the product and get my money back.

The main reason I wanted to try The Chi Machine was due to reports of diabetics having great results, particularly with neuropathy and foot pain. Before starting sessions with The Chi Machine I was experiencing severe pain in both my legs and feet. The pain was so intense at times it would straighten me right out for several seconds at a crack. The toes on both my feet were always numb and I had a stubborn sore close to the quick of the nail on one toe of the left foot which would not heal despite regular bathing and application of various ointments and even natural essential oils. Worst of all I knew things were getting progressively worse as I could feel the effects of the neuropathy creeping up both legs towards my knees. It was starting to appear in my fingers as well. Frankly, I was worried because I had other problems too, which could all be attributed to the diabetes. After my first session on The Chi Machine I noticed immediately that the uneasy feeling in the very pit of my gut that I had been experiencing every waking moment of the day (probably stress from worrying about falling apart) had disappeared. After a week I noticed the pain in my legs and feet had all but disappeared. So had the creeping neuropathy between my knees and ankles. In the first week some other wonderful things happened. That sore toe healed right up. Two other sores in the middle of my back, which I had been suffering for months, healed. Stomach and. Intestinal gas, which caused discomfort a few hours after meals, had also disappeared. My bowel movements went from strained and irregular to normal. The Chi Machine is not the Red Cross but it sure brought relief!

By the end of the second week I was sleeping fitfully right through the night instead of the usual turning and tossing like a cork on the ocean. Consequently, I felt more vigorous than I had in neuropathy in my hands was all gone too.

It is now the end of week three and I have the feeling back "m@ @every single toe on both feet.
The right foot is better than the left one but I can pick up marbles with either foot now. I can sense hot and cold in every toe as well. What is most incredible is that my medication seems to be working as my sugars have been consistently within the normal range for days now. This is a real coup for me! I did not intend to lose weight, but I have dropped 3 pounds!

The Chi machine has far exceeded my expectations! I reconunend it to everyone, if for no other reason but to relieve stress and to get that warm fuzzy feeling. I am asking: What have you got to lose besides your stress our lack of energy, your sleepless nights your worry, your pain, your lack of energy,your sleepless nights, your indigestion, your irregularity and your poor immune system response? I know that a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still, however, YOU SHOULD TRY THE CHI MACHINE- YOU WILL BE SO PLEASED THAT YOU DID!

Diabetes Testimonials
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Juanita C Flemmons
Clarksdale, MS USA

Just a note to let you know how much my husband and I are enjoying The Chi Machine.

Here are some of the personal results I have seen in a short period of time.

I am diabetic with neuropathy in my feet and venous insufficiency in both ankles. By using The Chi Machine for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day, the circulation is improving and the burning sensation is almost gone. Before I started using The Chi Machine, I would wake up several times during the night with a horrific burning sensation whenever the covers touched my ankles. Now I am getting a good night's sleep...

I also have to wear a TENS Unit (a battery powered pain unit) for the spasms in my arm following radical mastectomy surgery. When I began to Chi, after much physical therapy and going to the chiropractor, I could not extend my left arm much above the ear level in a curved position. Now I can extend it completely over my head to match the other arm. Since I have not been able to do this for eight years, it seems like my own personal miracle. I can also go longer intervals without the TENS unit.

My "curiosity" had me go have my cholesterol re-checked. In eight weeks using The Chi Machine, with no other changes in diet, exercise or medication, the triglycerides were down 34 points, HDL (good) cholesterol up 11 points and LDL (bad) cholesterol down 19 points. Each day I see other pluses so my Chi and I are very good friends.

My husband had open-heart triple bypass surgery in 1998 and also has a bone spur on his hip joint, which limits his being able to walk. He has faithfully ridden his indoor bike for thirty minutes every other day but could not lose any weight. When he began using The Chi Machine, he lost four pounds in the first three weeks and is continuing to lose more. Both of us are pleased over this extra benefit. I have also noticed that he is not giving in to his bad hip as much.


Energy & Oxygen
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Gould & Betsy Barrett
Beach Island, SC USA

What would life be like without The Chi Machine for Gould & Betsy from SC? Since
getting What The Chi Machine, Gould has gotten rid of his bone spurs. Betsy was having problem with arthritis in her big toe, insomnia and aching muscles in the back and shoulders. The Chi Machine has greatlv relieved these problems for Betsy. Both of our energy levels are off the charts.

Energy & Oxygen
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Lakewood, Co USA

I have been using The Chi Machine for a month. The use of it has helped me to have more strength, clarity of thought and more muscle mobility as well as better circulation throughout my whole body.

Energy & Oxygen
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Larry & Martha Wolff
My wife has lost a tremendous amount of weight. The Chi Machine has completely toned her stomach and given her lots of energy. Her varicose veins are disappearing, and so are her aches and pains. My asthma has been helped significantly and I have not to use my inhaler at all.

Energy & Oxygen
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Jeffrey C.
When we received The Chi Machine, my son Jeff was a below average student. He had a lot of trouble staying focused and paying attention during class time. We read that The Chi Machine was an excellent tool for getting more oxygen into the brain and therefore promoting alertness. We figured that we had nothing to lose by getting Jeff to use the machine.

Jeff began using the machine, and I noticed almost immediately that he was able to pay closer attention in class, and that he was able to understand easier. That was about 2 years ago. Jeff's marks have improved considerably, to the point where he is now getting average to above average grades in school. Jeff continues to use The Chi Machine, and we can definitely notice the improvement.

(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)

Henrietta Kamminga
Kentwood, MI USA

I would like to give a testimony on the job The Chi Machine has done for me. I'm living proof that it helped me with my Fibromyalgia after the second day.

I have never taken Tylenol PM to help me sleep since using The Chi Machine. My husband says that I don't move my legs in my sleep anymore. If I do wake up to use the bathroom, I can go back to sleep. I also have not had to use a laxative since I have been using the machine. Previously I would go to bed, and couldn't get any sleep because my legs ached so badly. I got on the machine for 10 minutes one night and went back to bed and fell asleep!! It has really helped me! Thank you! Fibromyalgia
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Ercel McPeak
Chilton, WI USAI purchased a Chi Machine because my wife has Fibromyalgia, a very painful soreness of bones and muscles. We have used it for three weeks, and she is a changed wife. She used to come home from work tired and sore. She would plop into the recliner. Now she mows the lawn and she does the wash. It's fantastic! She isn't completely pain free, but is (at least)70% better. When I rub her back, she is not half as sore, her hips don't hurt when she walks and she has more energy! The Chi Machine is the best investment I have ever made for our health and well-being. Fibromyalgia
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Randy Lovett
Mustang, OK USAI have spent 7 years suffering and for the most part unable to work, due to fibromyalgia. Every time I felt a little better, I started back to work part-time and in a couple of months I would be totally in pain and unable to work. I was very depressed to say the least. Life was miserable until I used The Chi Machine. The first day I used The Chi Machine for five minutes and my torso moved but not my shoulders as I was a little sore. The next day I used it twice and my body moved from top to bottom with very little discomfort. On the third day, in the morning, I used it for ten minutes, stood up when I was done and without stretching bent over and touched my toes for the first time in 7 years! I had been a high school coach and played soccer before diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so this was a big improvement and I felt very proud. I then knew that The Chi Machine was sent from heaven. I felt great and had a gleam in my eye and was stepping lively when I went into the bank. The girls at the bank had helped me into my car several times over the last several years as well as calling help to pick up and carry me out twice. They looked at me and the head teller said,'What on earth are you taking? I want some!!!" I said, 'Watch this!' and I bent over and touched my toes. And moved my head from side to side, I then said, 'I'm not taking anything,"and then told them about my new machine.

I then went to the local optometrist office to have lunch with my daughter, Dr. Partin. She came in and said, 'What in the world are you taking? I want some!' She has chronic fatigue syndrome. I went through the same scene as the bank. The same episode was relived at church that Sunday. I have not taken a muscular relaxer or pain pill since I have been using The Chi Machine. Well, you must know that I appreciate the opportunity The Chi Machine has given me with my health concerns. I also love the business. By the way, Dr. Partin is buying The Chi Machine.

Muscular Dystrophy
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)

Dr. Jusy Hinwood
Dip. P.E. (Sys) D.C. (Canada)

I am amazed at the benefits I have seen and felt from The Chi Machine. Originally my husband and I bought the machine purely to replace our weekly massages and we have been delighted with the additional health changes resulting from consistent use. I started at three minutes once per day, as my general health was quite low. After two weeks my left trapezium muscle (left upper shoulder area) started to heat up, and it released energy for 3-4 days continuously. I knew a healing was happening on a childhood injury so I did not worry. Since then my shoulder area is the freest I ever remember, though I've danced since childhood and have had consist"t chiropractic care for thirty years.

I have absolutely no doubt my autonomic system is balancing, that my long-standing scoliosis is relaxing and that my circulation is being improved (my left foot sometimes has hot pins and needles). Using the machine creates a quieting effect that is a marvelous start and finish to my day. If s an excellent adjunct to chiropractic care.

Three months ago I had a very painful arthritic attack in my hands and feet my genetics were starting to manifest. Presently (Nov. '97) 1 am aware of the vaguest stiffness, joint pain and swelling. I am certain that the machine is at least partly responsible, as it is the only factor that I changed since my last debilitating attack.
As I said, I am surprised to say the least. I never thought I would be writing a testimonial for a machine, but I do so of my own volition and wholeheartedly recommend The Chi Machine. Whether you want wellness benefits or more specific health results, I suggest you use the exerciser along with other factors like a wholesome diet. There are protocols, which must be followed and as long as these are in place, regular use may well surprise you also.

(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Janet Oliver

I am a Neurodevelopmental Therapist who works with children labeled as ADHD, Dyslexic,Autistic or with any serious learning problem. When I was first shown The Chi Machine,I didn't make the connection with its possible use in neural systems therapy. Over time, however, I did decide to try The Chi Machine on some of my patients. There were excellent results in combination with therapy: A girt went from crawling to climbing upstairs to walking; a boy started speaking more clearly; many others were calm and focused. The workout of these subsystems in a passive enjoyable way makes it more likely that students will adhere to the therapy.

(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
John Gore
Baltimore,MD USA
In late 1996, 1 was a 57 year old obese male with non-insulin dependent diabetes, high blood pressure and I noticed that I was slowly losing feeling in my right foot.

In early 1997, my podiatrist diagnosed my condition as neuropathy. The office test consisted of having the podiatrist touch seven points on the bottom of my foot. I could only detect three of these contacts. I knew that I would have to start doing something as I figured that at age 57 1 was too young to have such a condition. Moreover, I was one who despised exercise of any type. I justified some of this dislike to the spurs, which I was developing on both of my feet. In retrospect, it seems providential that by coincidence I went with my wife to visit a friend who happened to be a distributor of The Chi Machine. I did not say anything about the neuropathy but as a good salesman he introduced me to the machine and provided me with the literature
audiotape. After listening to the tape several times and reading the literature I decided to try the machine.

I used the machine every morning before going to work and every evening before going to sleep. I find both of these 15-minute periods as highlights of relaxation in each of my days. The machine travels with me on vacations and there have been very few days on which I have not used the machine.

In November of 1997, 1 asked the podiatrist to recheck my neuropathy. Upon feeling all seven contacts the podiatrist sent me in for a nerve condition study. The results of that study provided a diagnosis of a "barely perceptible neuropathy" attributed to my diabetic condition. I considered this a tremendous improvement, which I can only attribute to the use of The Chi Machine. I will continue to use it daily for the rest of my life with the hope that I can for the first,lime in my life lose more than eleven pounds of weight and hopefully eventually overcome my diabetes.

(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)

Ken Cook
Lethbridge, AB CanadaAnyone who has suffered from shingles knows what I am talking about when I say that the pain associated with this illness is intense. Never before have I experienced anything so painful. Seven years ago I had my first attack of shingles. It lasted about 2 1/2to 3 weeks, the medication from the doctor was expensive and almost impossible to use, as it was very thick and very painful to apply. My second attack happened just 2 weeks ago. During the night I woke up thinking that I was having a heart attack, then realized that I had the shingles again. Not knowing what else to do I got up and took the HotHouse out and sat on the couch with it around my back, quite close to my skin. I used it that first time for about 1 1/2 hours. The pain was completely gone!!! That was amazing; with shingles the pain is usually continuous. By using the HotHouse whenever I come on, I was able to be completely free from the shingles within about 4 days. During the 4 days, I was able to the pain completely went away. This is a vast difference from the first time I had shingles. The pain was so bad the first time that I could not sit in a chair, wear a shirt (the weight of the material against skin (the weight of the painful) or conduct any daily affairs.

Once more the HotHouse has paid for itseff!!! I have to say again, that I would never again be without either one of these machines in my home.

Spine & Back Pain
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)

Cheri Enfield
Arthur, NE USA The Chi Machine is the best thing I have ever done for myself in years! Twenty-eight years ago I was pregnant with my first child and I weighed 99 lbs. The baby grew to 9lbs. in less than 9 months! As she grew my bones were softening to get ready for delivery, my back swayed inward, I carried 40 extra pounds in my stomach and I started to waddle as well!! After having a c-section to deliver my baby, I got a migraine that lasted 10 days, and I have suffered for the past 28 years thereafter. After my second child, I gained weight and my figure continually became pear shaped and sedentary. I would spend 3 to 6 days in bed every other week for years. Then, 5 years ago, the migraines started happening every week, so I spent more time in bed. I weigh 165 lbs now, and I feel as though I slept through my life. Meanwhile, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and severe emphysema. A friend brought over The Chi Machine for him! I tried it for myself for 2 minutes, and it was very difficult for me to stay on my back any longer. When I got up, I had a slight headache, but one Tylenol took care of it! That headache was different because any slight headache becomes a migraine in my life. The next day I tried it again for two minutes and, once again, a slight headache but no migraine. I was reminded that any natural healing is liable to get worse before there are any results! My neck muscles were sore and I could hear crackling in my neck. The vertebra at the base of my skull was moving! I have had a number of chiropractic and massage therapists try to move my vertebrae during the years. They were not successful. Now it's moving! I then bought The Chi Machine for myself and continued to use it. I had to tell everyone, that I made one mistake of trying to 'work through the pain' only once. I can now tell you if your muscles hurt, cut your time in half just like the book says, and start slower. I have been using The Chi Machine for 4, months, and have not had another migraine in the past two months! I challenged it as a woman, and I worked up to 15 minutes a day. TThe last migraine I expierenced, I challenged it as a woman, and I worked up to 15 minutes a day. Now I am doing 4 minutes in the morning, and 6 minutes at night. Every joint in my body is moving the right way! I am also walking well for the first time in 28 years, and I can lie on my back for over an hour! I am also getting my shape back. I even have a waistline again! I don't recall how much I weight, but I don't feel heavy like before. I can wear a belt and it doesn't look like a ribbon on a box! I've had a pain in my tailbone for the past month that is subsiding now! The Chi Machine has helped me start walking right and feeling more like myself everyday. I want to tell everyone that I feel like 'Rip Van Winkle!' All my friends are noticing my improvements and want The Chi Machine too! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK! Spine & Back Pain
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Gilbert Dawson
South Haven, MN USA

I was in a bad accident back in 1976. 1 was driving a straight job truck, which is a smaller version of the semi, and I pulled out in front of a semi. The impact was so great that it thrust me through the top of the cab breaking my neck and crushing the right side of my head. I was told that the doctor used a plunger to put my head back in shape. I have had severe back, neck and head pain for 24 years. Well, I was introduced to The Chi Machine and the HotHouse so I went to a meeting to see what it was all about. My first thoughts were that I had to sit for an hour and a half in severe pain without a cigarette. Halfway through the meeting I told the speaker that I was in a lot of pain. He went and got The Chi Machine. I was on The Chi Machine for 2 minutes. Then I went to the HotHouse and was under that for 10 minutes. When I was done, I had more movement in my neck than I had in 24 years. I also had pain in my arms that just hurt to tuck in my shirt and that pain was completely gone. I stayed at the meeting for 3 hours and never craved a cigarette or had any pain standing or sitting. I did, however, have pain in the top of my head, which lasted about 1 1/2 days. I ordered The Chi Machine and now, after using it, I am full of energy all day long. I feel like I have a new life thanks to The Chi Machine and the HotHouse.
Spine & Back Pain
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Harold HaverI am writing to tell you of my good experience using The Chi Machine and the HotHouse.
Both have helped me at different times with various problems. Being an electrician, I do a lot of reaching and bending.

A couple of months ago, my shoulder was so painful, I couldn't lift my arm without a lot of pain. The last time this happened, I couldn't get my arm up without a lot of pain. The last time this happened I had to get a cortisone shot. I told my wife I was going to have to go to the doctor because of the pain. My wife mentioned she had heard of someone else getting help with his or her shoulder with The Chi Machine, as we had already purchased one. I decided to give it a try. It was on Saturday that I first tried it. By first putting my forearm on the Chi Machine for 20 minutes, a couple of hours after the first treatment I felt some relief. I continued using it once a day for 20 minutes and by Thursday of the following week I had no pain at all and could move my arm in any direction and I didn't lose any work. During the Chi treatment I found that using a pillow for support of my hand made it more comfortable. I put The Chi Machine on the table to make it easier to use and made sure I drank the water before and after. Also, I made sure I didn't move my arm after The Chi Machine stopped for about 3 minutes.We also purchased a HotHouse. It has helped my back and neck. I have had a back fusion and I also have a bulging disk, plus chronic neck pain at times. When I had a lot of pain, I felt I would probably need more back or neck surgery. Since using the HotHouse, I feel it is helping me so much and I don't think I need any further surgery for those problems.Spine & Back Pain
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Ann Odell
Lethbridge, AB Canada

I am not sure just where to begin, so I guess I will go back to about this time last year in 1999. Frank had gotten real sick with a viral infection in his lower intestines. He almost died, as you know how stubborn men can get about going to the doctor. Well I got him to the hospital finally and with some proper medication he started to get better, only to drop his small motorcycle on his ankle while at a service station fueling. This put him on crutches for several weeks, at which time, since he was unable to use that leg, he started losing all his leg muscles. By the time he was off the crutches and had graduated to a cane he was starting to get weaker and just not feeling very well at all. C)ne day he would be worse than the other and then he would have a few good days and then bang he would not even feel like getting out of bed that day. Finally he started feeling well enough (or so he thought) to go out on a few holidays. So off to B.C 'we went.
Our third day at the West coast, he started having bladder problems and the water works department was on and off with him. He had laid down for an afternoon nap at the campground when he had to go the bathroom, and couldn't. His water works had shut completely. So he was rushed to the nearest hospital, which was in Chilliwack. Hours later they let him leave, but not before the urologist fitted him with a catheter and got the water works to work once agam, and they sent us back to Alberta to see our own local doctor. So of course back to Alberta we came, where the local urologist had all the tests done before he could get scheduled into the hospital for an operation on his prostate. Finally four weeks later the operation was done with great success and no signs of cancer, only to find that he had a bladder stone the size of his thumb. These we are told are very rare. One in five hundred people get one. So because there was so much blood in the first major operation, they had him come back 8 days later for another major operation on the stone. This put him back in bed where he was pretty much bed ridden for another six weeks. By now he has been bed ridden for close to four months, so the injured leg from the mishap in June was now almost non-existent as his muscles were completely gone from no exercise. Then one day Ken brought over The Chi Machine for Frax@kio use. Well after just three times on the machine, Frank notices th"s leg was a bit better, and that he finally had some feeling in it. I might add that with all his sickness, Frank had lost 40 lbs, which was 38 more than he could afford to lose as he is quite small to begin with, and from this, gout had set in so bad that he was having trouble standing up. Walking without a cane was impossible. He has continued to use The Chi Machine daily and his legs are getting better with each passing day and the muscles are finally starting to do their part. We are so thankful for introducing us to this machine that we would recommend it to anyone who has any ailment. Things seem to be coming along just fine and then we were introduced to the HotHouse. So when we tried it for a couple of days, Frank was under it for an hour at a time. After just one hour of treatment he was walking a lot better. The gout pain seems to have subsided a lot and even the water works department was feeling better instead of getting up three to four times during the night. Now he only gets up once. What a difference that HotHouse has made! I figured that if it was working so well on Frank that I should try these machines on my foot that was giving me some problems. Seems that the doctor figured that I now have flat feet, and from walking a lot my foot had become inflamed. The Chi Machine got oxygen into my system and the inflammation started going away, and after six or seven times on the machine I was walking like I had been doing it for years with no soreness coming back. Well, when the HotHouse came, I figured that this might help my knees that have been giving me problems since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Wow, with just one 15-rninute treatment I was out jogging around the West Side Lake, which I have been unable to do for 5 or 6 years. This machine is wonderful. We were so impressed that we now have our own, so that we can use it daily. The only way to describe The Chi Machine and the HotHouse is that you should not be without one!

Thank you again Ken & Leanne!



Stress & Relaxation
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)

Anne Therese Clark
Fort Lauderdale, Fl USA
On September 20th, 1997 1 tried The Chi Machine for the first time. I felt the "chi" that everyone was talking about and I was excited about the potential. September 26th my own machine arrived. We used it for 5 minutes initially. Within a few days my sleeps were far more restful and my temperament was so much better. I was handling my son' s pooh filled nappies better. Dreams were vivid, more clear and able to be totally recalled. By the first week I had more energy - I put my clients on the machine, they felt the benefit. First period in years only lasted two days and I felt no discomfort - I didn't know it was there. My depression decreased and I had an all over feeling of well-being. For one-month use on a steady basis I can report a 2 kg weight loss.
Hearing is returning to my deaf left ear. I use The Chi Machine to help me relax and enhance my digestive process. Thank you. Stress & Relaxation
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Dr Nathan Lipton, M.D.
Dallas, Tx USA Several years ago I was becoming increasingly frustrated with trying to help patients with conditions such as macular degeneration and recurrent attacks of ititis, for which we have no definitive treatments. I began to study nutrition and other alternative healing systems. I also wanted to learn about stress-reduction techniques. Stress adversely affects so many people today, and I believe reducing it should a physicians priority. I attended seminars and workshops on mind-body or alternative medicines, gaining insight into various heal programs. At a 1999 workshop, I spotted a demonstration of an unusual machine. Intrigued I tried it.I was invited to lie and place my feet into the device, which was called The Chi Machine. When it was turned on, the machine moved my legs laterally. After 5 minutes it was turned off and I felt simultaneously relaxed and energized. The Chi Machine was developed by a Japanese physician who was looking for a way to more efficiently oxygenate the body. The wavelike motion of the body on the machine creates a lateral flexion of the spine, which stimulates the autonomic nervous system to open the bronchioles, thereby increasing oxygen exchange and creating an alpha wave state similar to meditation. Fifteen minutes on the machine provides the oxygen equivalent to 90 minutes of brisk walking. Once I discovered the benefits of this alternative treatment, I wanted to share it with everyone, including my patients. I use the machine in a variety of ways in my practice. Before patients undergo LASIK and other surgeries, we put them on the machine for about 10 minutes. We combine this with another therapy called the HotHouse, a far infrared device. The combination helps our patients relax and enhances their LASIK experience. Our patients are enthusiastic about these therapies. They leave my office rejuvenated.In the office we also have a 'Relaxation Room", where we play relaxing music and have The Chi Machine on a massage table. When patients have had to wait too long to be seen, we instill their eye drops and put them onto the machine. After 15 minutes they become different people, often asking if they can stay on it longer. This reduces stress and any ill will they're feeling for the long wait. We've introduced this treatment to patients with various conditions and with outstanding results. For example, Jennifer is a 31-year-old cystic fibrosis patient on a waiting list for a lung transplant. When her husband came to me for LASIK, she saw him on the machine and asked if she could have a turn. After 15 minutes, Jennifer said her breathing had significantly improved. She phoned 4 days later to report her physicians found her oxygen levels had also improved. We've also had outstanding success treating patients with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, depression and neck and back pain. I'm excited to present my patients with solutions to chronic complaints ... I've discussed this treatment with other ophthalmologists, who are incorporating it into their practices. Because I'm an ophthalmologist, patients come to me to treat their eyes, but as a physician, I want to treat their whole mind and body.
Stress & Relaxation
(Extracted From Hsin Ten Canada 2002 Brochure)
Christopher Jepsen
Santa Rosa, Ca USA

The relaxation derived from The Chi Machine has been phenomenal! Waking up and getting on the machine every morning is the best. I also use it to alleviate pain. The gentle oscillation opens my pinched nerve channels and realigns my body by relaxing cramped muscles. I have less pain, better sleep, and a better attitude.



In October of 1998, 1 had a severe stroke. It affected my entire left side. When I was released
from the hospital I had very swollen ankles caused by bad circulation and the medication
I was on for high blood'pressure. I also lost the use of my left arm.

I had physical therapy for the arm, but it didn't help very much. It was at this time that my
daughter introduced me to The Chi Machine. I started using it immediately, two times a day
for five minutes each time. I worked up to fifteen minutes in the morning and in the evening.
I did not notice anything for three weeks and then one morning, I noticed my ankles were totally normal!!! My left arm continues to improve each week and I now have about 95% useof it.

I have had The Chi Machine for five months now and my swollen ankles have not returned.
I can finally say that I feel tingling in my left arm and hand. It took five months, but the circulation is good.

Two other things I've noticed is that I sleep very well at night and I have lost two inches from my waist.

I thank God for my speedy recovery and thank my daughter, Patty, for bringing the Chi Machine into my life.

Deanna Sudweeks
Pleasant Grove, UT USA

My brother-in-law had a stroke four years ago. For 3 1/2 years he had no use of his right
hand and had to hold it with his good hand. He could not write. He loved to fish with
my husband, but he will probably never be able to hold another fishing pole because he was right handed and he just couldn't use a fishing pole without his right hand. He dragged his
foot when he walked and he had a hard time getting anywhere if there were stairs. He had
disorientation in his thinking. He couldn't reason when he was hungry. He would just say, 'I'm hungry", instead of acting on his own.

For the past six months he has been on The Chi Machine, the HotHouse and the Enzymes and
now 100% of the paralysis is gone! He is better than he was before he had the stroke. He is 58-
years old, and to be paralyzed for 3 1/2 years and to have all the paralysis go away is nothing short of a miracle! We have had this happen dozens of times, but I just told you this account
because it was my family. Can you imagine how my sister feels?

Systemic Lupus

Judy Agostinelli

This very unique Chi Machine has changed the quality of my life so that I am truly in awe.
I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus or SLE over 10 years ago and have sought to restore my health from all the medical profession has to offer. When you came to my home, I had just discussed with my doctor what could be done to help me with my muscle, joint and all over body pain. I knew that medicine could be a problem and always wanted alternatives. I find that the motion of the machine feels similar to an all over body massage.
I think it increases my blood circulation that in turn gives me some pain relief. The pain seems to be reduced to the point that it is now manageable. I truly enjoy the relaxation and find the feeling after the machine shuts off very pleasant. It seems to align my spine and I have also noticed some decrease in my abdomen. It has also helped with my fluid retention so that I have lost a few pounds. Also, I have noticed that I have more energy . I am monitoring my improvement very closely and I intend to keep you posted on the benefits of this wonderful therapy.

One of the most exciting things that The Chi Machine has done for me is that I can now get up and down. About a year ago I lost so much mobility I could no Ionger get up and down. If I lowered to a squatting position my legs could not push me back up. After one week, using the machine several times each day, I noticed I could get up and down better and I soon discovered I could do several knee bends without stopping. I am truly amazed and so joyful for allowed aid the machine has given to me.

I truly feel grateful to you for being the instrument God used to bring this machine to me.


Business Testinmonials

Gail Gaylor

I love your company, your products, your staff, your wonderful service and your marketing plan. It's fun. I feet very honored and privileged to have been invited to share in the truth and obivious integrity of your company. I also appreciate the spiritual attachment and the relative love that you extend to all through the perpetual energy that can be achieved by using The Chi Machine exerciser and your HotHouse. The health and wealth opportunities that you offer are exhilarating, motivating and such a refreshing change from the pervasive greed associated with most industries. Since I am already involved in marketing for my own company, I recognize the judicious and skillful approach you use in confronting special matters in your magazine. It reflects high business ethics, and provides us with a very valuable and effective business tool. Collectively, this company offers a business opportunity that I've been searching for since 1968. Finally, the dream can become a reality for anyone that puts effort into it.

In my 30-year search for Holistic Alternatives I have been patronized, compromised, disappointed and wasted so much time and money on worthless itoducts and services that I have become an ultimate skeptic. I now research everything on a deepest level.

When my daughter, Lori Lee Ward, introduced me to The Chi Machine, my first, negative comment was, 'Lori, how will you ever convince someone to pay USD $480.00 for something when we both have to work so hard to convince someone to pay USD $29 for a supplement? Eighty percent of the people do not buy the supplement, and if they do buy it they quit using it in just a few months." Lori said, 'Mom, the machine sells itself. Nine out of ten people love it and start making arrangements to purchase one the very first time they use it." I said, 'Yeah, right!" in total skepticism. So I tried and felt the tingling sensation and still managed to maintain my negative attitude for several months, because, to me, it felt like hanging on to a lawn mower. Lori kept "baiting the hook" by informing me of the unusual and remarkable health benefits mutual friends and relatives, were experiencing,. I would verify these statements by talking to the person myself. Well, guess what? My dear daughter hooked me!

Partially convinced and feeling a small, insecure ray of hope, I jumped 'on" with both feet and ordered both The Chi Machine and the HotHouse in February of 1998. So far, this has been one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I HAVE EVER NIADE. I am now the proud owner of Machines. One is for myself and my 'hubby' Norman, one is for demonstration and one is for the road.

The more knowledge I attain about the global magnitude of this company's truth, direction and purpose, the stronger my own convictions become to perpetuate the same virtue to thers.


In a few weeks The Chi Machine assisted my body in raising its oxygen levels, and the total movement of all areas of my body resulted in the disappearance of chronic sciatica and a more flexible neck and spine. I have had scoliosis since childhood and my spine is becoming straighter.

Within two weeks of beginning to use the HotHouse, I noticed that a large, stubborn skin cancer, which had been resisting all holistic approaches, looked different. In six weeks it was gone without a trace. I now take the HotHouse to bed. I use it one to two hours each night, beginning late in the afternoon, before bed. I intend to purchase one or two more HotHouses so I can cover my whole body at one time. My eyes, my skin and my sinuses are all improving. My sinuses don't bother me anymore. I wake up with my eyes all stuck together with old mucus and expelled crystals. This is a very welcoming and exciting experience for me because I understand cleansing effects.

Since I have been using both of these units faithfully everyday, I have transcended to a very apparent higher level of health. I had extensive energy blocks and it took me several months to experience dramatic changes. For the first time in 30 years, I can truthfully say that I feel energized Prior using the HotHouse. For me,this is a miracle! Do you know that 'ZIP' that people talk about when they drink coffee or take supplements, etc.? I have never felt that, until now. I have noticed many more incremental improvements in my health. I found out that in Asia The Chi Machine and the HotHouse are used at the same time, because you will feel more 'chi" in your body, so I now use both units together. WOW! I know that I have found the 'Proverbial" fountains of youth, the HotHouse and The Chi Machine. These two healing modalities can certairdy assist anyone in their efforts to maintain their bodily functions, dignity and quality of life, as they grow older. This is possible because both units potentiate the positive effects of all other supplemental health programs.


Bob Nelson
Minneapolis,MN USA

My friends George and Agnes Zastrow called me on the phone in April 1999. Agnes asked me to come over to see The Chi Machine and watch George do his aerobic exercise while lying, on the floor. Hmmmm. Well, they are super nice people and, as a
courtesy, I went over to visit them.

After playing in the noontime hockey league I was, as usual, fatigued. George had this machine on the floor and asked me if I wanted to watch him do his 'aerobics'. I did and he promptly got on The Chi Machine. Hmmmm, again.

'Want to try it Bob?" asked George. 'Bet you'll feel better after a short ride.'

What the heck, I thought. I got on. Agnes set the timer for three minutes. I felt OK and when she shut it off I felt a tingle. She gave me a tape and I went home. I noticed later that I didn't feel as tired that evening. The following morning, I felt like I could play hockey again - it usually took a full 36 hours before I felt enough energy to play. Could it be a coincidence? Well, I ordered The Chi Machine with no idea of selling them. On the other hand, George and Agnes were eager for me to get involved and sell The Chi Machine. I wanted to use it, not sell it. But, still, they would call once every two weeks to have lunch. It was clear they wanted me to start selling.

Then, around July Ist, 1999 my brother-in-law and sister-in-law stopped over. My brother- in-saw The Chi Machine in my family room and asked what it was. I told him that it helps people with sore backs and helps to sleep better at night. Well, they both tried it right then and there. Not only that, they took it home with them that night!

The next day, I talked to my sister-in-law who said she used The Chi Machine before she went to bed and had a really good night sleep - something she hadn't had in sometime. They also took the machine to an Aunt who was a retired Reflexologist. She tried it for 5 minutes - never saw a tape or literature or anything - and said, "Order me onel" So, my brother and sister-in-law came back to me with two orders for USD $500 each. I told them I would order The Chi Machines for them, but I wasn't in the business. However, after they left, I thought to myself, 'When was the last time relatives insisted that I sell them something?'

I figured this product had to be really good - considering the sheer numbers being sold. People had to be getting results!

As ,you may know, I jumped in with both feet and mailed several thousand tapes and letters to people I knew and some marketers I didn't know. I worked the numbers and the numbers worked for me!


Ken Cook
Lethbridge, AB Canada

I found out about this company after talking to a business acquaintance of mine. He told me about The Chi Machine and once I finally ordered one, I decided it was the best decision I had made in a long time. Not only did the product help me physically, but also financially.

What has helped me find this company is the fact that the products sell themselves. This company has worked very hard at becoming a company that cares about the people in their organization. But my favorite part about this company opportunity is watching people get results when they use the products, and also the great financial rewards I have been able to achieve.

My success has allowed many new and exciting things. I can travel to places I never thought I'd see. And I get to work with many new and wonderful people I never would have known had it not been for this company. I have never regretted mv choice to be part of this wonderful opportunity.





Ruby Hyde
Florence,Al USA

I started using The Chi Machine in April 2002. As a result, I have achieved a greater sense of well being. I feel more alert, less hungry and I can now wear clothes that are two sizes smaller than I was wearing at the beginning of the year. When I get that midafternoon lull, I can get on The Chi Machine for five minutes and I feel rejuvenated and energized for the rest of the evening.

Dr John A. Hinwood
Dip. P.E. (Syd.) D.C. Canada

As a result of being blown from the roof in May 1996 1 fractured my spine and left shoulder. The fractures healed well but the shoulder would only return to 80 % normal function after fourteen months.

Having used The Chi Machine twice daily for several weeks, the last twenty degrees of motion (abduction) in my left shoulder was restored. Although I had extensive chiropractic care and acupuncture as well as swimming and other rehabilitation work, the final return to normal function of my left shoulder has only been accomplished using this fantastic little machine.
Over the years we have looked at so many physiological therapeutic aids to assist and compliment the chiropractic adjustment but we have not found anything that has been truly effective until now. I have personally found an added benefit in the relaxation and meditation state one can enter while using The Chi Machine which has been a major plus in the healing process. The feeling of calmness I attain is valuable in a busy world.

Curtis J. Gordon
Paulding, Ohio USA

Two or three weeks ago I had a bad cold with a 102-degree fever and I was taking nebulizer treatments every four hours (or sooner). The first night we got the HotHouse, my nose was plugged up, my lungs were tightening up and I was feeling like I needed to take another treatment, but I laid under the HotHouse instead for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. When I got up, I could breath deep and my nose was opened up! Yesterday, I was running a Thatcher on the yard and the wind blew grass clippings all over me. In previous years, I haven't been able to even mow the lawn, something like this normally would have made me start sneezing and by evening have an asthma attack. (One year I was even in the hospital for a few days after mowing the lawn). It was a warm muggy day after using these machines, nearly 24 hours later, I haven't had an attack and my nose is no worse than usual, and that's amazing.


Ivan Loranger
Calgary, AB Canada

In 1989, 1 became disabled with emphysema - Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It was difficult for me to take a shower or even walk to my car. I was mostly housebound. On my own, I began using a treadmill and an exercise bike. This helped me to some degree and I became resigned to a life of just existing. In January of 1997, 1 was hospitalized for 6 weeks and almost died. I was told I caught a virus.

In December of 1997, 1 had lung reduction surgery. This operation really changed my life. I was able to shower on my own and go out by myself in my car. I was still on oxygen and feeling a lot better. I still had my disease but my quality of life had greatly improved.Then in December of 1999, 1 was introduced to The Chi Machine. When my sponsor, whom I have known for the past 20 years, came over with The Chi Machine, I told him I had no intention of buying this before Christmas and that he could go back home. But after being on The Chi Machine twice that evening, I ordered it that night! The day after I received The Chi Machine, my 80-year-old brother-in-law from out of town came in to see his chiropractor. After being on The Chi Machine twice, he phoned and canceled his appointment. He said: 'I don't need an adjustment. I've been on The Chi Machine." He is more limber and agile now and feels terrific. Naturally, he now owns a machine. I talk to my sister (who has emphysema) in Ontario every weekend. I was feeling so terrific that I told her about The Chi Machine. After listening to me for two weekends, she ordered one without even trying it out. She said it was the best thing she has ever done. She feels terrific! She even told her doctor about it and he said to keep using it.

In January of 2000, 1 was diagnosed with a Characinoid tumor. I had to have CT scans, x-rays, blood tests, etc. before it could be determined if I was operable. On February 4, 2000, 1 went for a blood-gas test. The doctor said that I was 100 %!!! Since that time, I have been off oxygen and I cannot describe how terrific I feet. If you have breathing problems, you have nothing to lose by trying The Chi Machine. My friends, when you can't breathe, nothing else matters!

T. Golden

I have had The Chi Machine for almost three weeks. I use it two times a day, at least 10 minutes each time. For 25 years I have suffered from lower lumbar, shoulder and neck stiffness. My muscles, ligaments and tendons are continuously sore. That condition has diminished significantly. I notice more stamina and I sleep more soundly. There has been a noticeable change in my left shoulder rotation - more flexibility. I also do Jin Shin Shitsu. When a client uses the machine before a treatment, the pulses or energy flow seems to come up faster.


Muyen Chen

My daughter gave me The Chi Machine as a birthday gift last year right after I had surgery on a toe. After using The Chi Machine for several days, I felt the blood circulating inside my body and the pain from the wound from the operation totally disappeared. A few days later even the redness and swelling of contusion went away. Very soon I could walk without the aid of a convalescent period was so short that even the doctors had rarely heard of such a thing.

At present, I insist on using the exerciser two to three times daily. My body weight has dropped more than 20 pounds, and the effect is especially evident in the reduction of fat around the abdomen and buttocks. I could not have imagined there would be so many benefits from using The Chi Machine.

I tell all my relatives and friends about the good news. Dozens of senior citizens are now experiencing varying degrees of improved health - some of them have had chronic and persistent diseases. An elderly man over seventy had a brain concussion and coma after a car accident. After using The Chi Machine he completely recovered within one month, an incredible story!

The Chi Machine brings me health and vitality as well as the appreciation and gratitude from happy users. I wholeheartedly feel that Hsin Ten Enterprise brings great benefit to mankind. I'd like to share this good news with many more people.

Gordon Lothian
Stavely, AB Canada

I' ve had prostate problems for the last three years and was steadily getting worse. I tried a friend's Chi Machine and purchased one and then purchased the HotHouse. I didn't get relief right away but I kept using both machines. I began to feel a tingling sensation from my feet to my head and that's when the burning sensation that I had been experiencing when urinating and the frequent trips to the bathroom at night disappeared.

My wife has used both machines for pain in her back, knees and feet and it has relieved them. These two machines have made life so much more pleasant. If you're a prisoner in your own home due to prostate problems, get these two machines and start to enjoy life again. In my opinion you couldn't put a dollar to better use.


Bernard Yonkman
Vermilion, AB Canada

We got our personal machine on Feb. 12, 2001. We never sold our first machine until March 19th, because when you spend over CAD $800 on a machine nobody else really needs to know. But when you see the difference it's had on the Yonkman family and how it has changed our health, you just have to show your friends how it can help them too. We never realized we had so many problems. Here are just a few and it's amazing that after a couple of months we find more illnesses that we have overcome that are a bonus.

My son Mitchel, 12 years of age, had an operation at 4 years of age for his varicose veins in his left leg, but still had swelling from the operation since it was not a complete success. After a matter of a few days with The Chi Machine, no more swelling or bruising, and the big thing, no more pain.

My oldest daughter has been using The Chi Machine right from the start and finds that her shin splints and the soreness in her knees have disappeared.

My middle daughter said that The Chi Machine was not for her. After two months of having the machine, she has seen what a difference it made to the rest of the family. She now books in her time also. She is now a believer since it got rid of cramps in her legs just after a couple of sessions.

My wife has seen the most benefits. She had migraines at least once a month, but more like every other week. She would go to the hospital for a needle and two $60 pills, plus spend two days in bed. Yes, no more migraines for over two months, machine paid for. She has not gone to the chiropractor either. She doesn't wear socks to bed and doesn't need me to rub her back to sleep. And if you have constipation kiss it goodbye, if you need something to keep you regular, The Chi Machine works. No more pain in sciatic nerves and bone spurs on feet disappear.

For myself, I lost 7 lbs in the first three weeks and I am finding that my pants are still getting looser. My blood pressure is dropping. If you have ever had to come up for air when clipping a toenail just after 6 weeks I can clip all 10, no problem. The increase in flexibility is amazing. I used to snore very loud, the people that know me can assure you of that, but after a month my rumble doesn't wake my wife. And my mouth is still moist in the morning. If you have a tired back, The Chi Machine is a must. just after a few minutes you're all refreshed and ready to go. But probably the biggest change is the increased energy I have. In the past I would be snoring on the couch at 8 p.m., now it is after 11 p.m. and still going strong.

I've just touched on the most noticeable changes but there is much more. Just pull me aside 32 continued...

and I will tell you that The Chi Machine has made one huge change in our lives and to the people I have shown, the changes it has made for them in a very short time. Everybody has a different problem. Give The Chi Machine a try and you will be very pleased. We just don't look after our bodies like we should but here is the opportunity to change all that. You will love the results.


Stephen Mui
Brookyln, NY USA

Diseases had tortured me for twenty years, and I was a man almost forgotten and Dabandoned by my conununity.

Twenty years ago, I began to feel more and more fatigued and weary, but I did not know what the cause was. There was tension and pain, and disrase progressed into general muscular cramps. It happened frquently, sometimes over ten times a day. More and more symptoms occurred, such as headache, insomnia, lossb of appetite, weight loss and emaciation. I would have severe pain after walking ten minutes or more. I could not sit of stand for longer than half anhour at a time.

I lost my ability to work and my family left me. I lived on social welfare and had a very hard time. Year after year I made inquiries about medicine and drugs. I visited doctors of western medicine as well as Chinese traditional medicine. I spent several thousand dollars on acupuncture, moxibustion and massage. I was able to pay my bills through the help of my brothers and sisters, but eventually their help ran out and I became unable to afford to pay doctors. Everyone has his or her own family and other financial burdens. No one could be expected to have enough money to be giving financial aid to someone else for an extended period. When the symptoms broke out, I could do nothing but endure with dogged willpower.

I had a family - a very happy one full of joy. As the disease failed to respond to any medical treatment, there came to be no hope for recovery. Unemployment and poverty caused them all to leave. I lived in the empty home all alone. I was powerless and helpless, without any savings.

Three weeks ago, just by chance, I met a friend named Amy. She recognized my desperate situation and recommended that I visit a doctor. She has high regards for the doctor.


In mid-August, I made a great effort to make my way over to China Town. On Canal Street, I saw what seemed to be a plain and ordinary clinic. Could it be that a sleeping dragon or a tiger was sleeping there waiting to be discovered? Dr. Yong-Ping Li was the one I was seeking. 'Yong' means 'forever' or 'always" in Chinese and 'Ping" means ".peace". Thus, his name means 'always peaceful'. His very name conveyed a sense of good wishes and blessings. I certainly hoped it would be so. I entered the clinic with a prayer on my lips.

Dr. Li listened to my major health complaints, occasionally asking some questions. After a general examination he said, 'Right now, massage is not appropriate for your disease.' I was puzzled and did not understand whatb he meant. Was my disease too serious to be cured, or was he afraid that I could not afford the huge expense for treatment? It seemed that he sensed what I was thinking. He explained, "It is not that I'm not willing to treat you by massage. In your case, massage will take 1-2 months to do any good, and you'll need to spend a lot of money. Right now the best choice is to use The Chi Machine."

I had sought out doctors and medicine for twenty years, and none had the desired result. Was it possible that The Ci@ Machine could do the job?

Dr. Li said, -"'The Chi machine produces rhythmical oscillations. You are lying down while doing the exercise, so there is no pressure at all. It produces the beneficial effects of a general massage. It relaxes the muscles and nerves. Tension and cramps will disappear. Aches and pain will be reduced. This oscillating exercise will accelerate general blood circulation, increase metabolism, improve your general well being, and regulate the functioning of your nervous system. If you continued doing it for an appropriate length of time, your health will recover.'

The detailed explanation and sincerity of Dr. Li made me believe he was not like all the others and was to be trusted. But how was I going to do this? Where was I to get five hundred dollars to buy The Chi Machine? I told Dr. Li of my financial difficulty.

'You may come here and use The Chi Machine every day, two or three times each day free of charge.' I could not believe my ears. When Dr. Li repeated it again, 'Free of charge for an entire month,' I was then sure it was true!

I went to Dr. Li's clinic and used The Chi Machine twice a day. It is now the twelfth day and the aches and pain I had over my whole body have basically disappeared and I have no more cramps in my muscles. I can walk for half an hour without any pain, and I sleep well. Every morning,l feel good when I wake up. What a blessing and how wonderful it is!

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Li. The Chi Machine has saved me! 34

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