More Cute Pictures (only in the author's opinion, some opinions may vary.)

I still have 5 mins left
No it's not your turn, it's mine!!
Could you please get me the Chi Machine.
Not, the HotHouse, but it's warm at least. We need to get another HotHouse so I don't have to wait.
I'll be done with the Chi Machine soon Jefe.
How much time did you want me to set it for Jefe?
This isn't the way I did it before, are you guys teasing me?
jefe Jefe is his Spa Robe
I thought I ordered a LARGE doughnut?
Now that I use the Chi Machine, it makes me smile from ear to ear!!!
The Chi Machine helps me maintain my focus when I need to spend alot of time on a specific task.
Isn't this sheepskin nice, hey where did you get this?
Do you know about Good News?
Rawhides are good, but Candy cane Rawhides are Best!!
I bet you never saw a couch this small!!
That's all for now, goodnight and God Bless You!



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